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The Urban Cities That Make America Great

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Why I say the Urban Cities That Make America Great. There are a few Black Newspapers left in this country these are the few cities the ones who have tried to keep the urban cities while trying to adapt to the future what most call Gentrification.

The reason I say trying to adapt is because the word or phrase does not actually mean the transformation of  black to white but in general a relatively poor to a relatively wealthy neighborhood through an influx of more affluent residents, usually preceded and followed by financial investments by public or private entities such as development corporations or real estate speculators.  What you see below  are  definitions from what the last black newspapers say.

Every week we will publish several definitions of gentrification and what they define the word means to them.  

Lt. Col. Jim “Hacksaw” McComas, 110th Fighter Squadron pilot, Lt. Col. Darrin “Elvis” Barritt, 110th Fighter Squadron pilot, Lt. Col. Steve “2 Dogs” DeMilliano, 110th Fighter Squadron pilot, and Lt. Col. Reed “Snake” Drake, 110th Fighter Squadron pilot, fly their F-15 Eagles in a four-ship formation over St. Louis, Missouri Sept. 17. The pilots were en route to conduct Aerial Combat Manuevers. (Photo by Capt. Timothy Reinhart)

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